AI4SDGs AI for Children Working Group
Introducing the Working Group

Children are the hope and future for the development of humanity and the planet. At the same time, children are also disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and require special attention and caring from the whole society, especially in the context that the current development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing profound and extensive impact to society in an unprecedented way.

All sectors of society should attach great importance to the impact of AI on children and develop responsible AI for the next generations. The development of AI should protect and promote the benefits of children, avoid depriving and harming children's rights, and help realize the healthy growth of children.

The AI4SDGs AI for Children Working Group is affiliated to the AI4SDGs Cooperation Network. With the vision of developing responsible AI for Children all over the world, this working group is devoted to promote the positive use on AI for Children and avoid potential negative impacts, helping the healthy development of children and next generations.

Research and Practice

This working group will organize experts in AI+Education and AI for Children, industrial partners of AI4SDGs to work on the following topics:

(1) Promoting the positive use of AI for children and avoiding potential negative effects brought by AI applications and services, sharing case studies and best practices.

(2) Making practices on AI policies for children world wide in real world scenarios and compare them, providing complementary suggestions and feedback to policy makers.

(3) Working closely with education and children organizations and get prepared for opportunities, long term positive/negative impact on AI for Children.

(4) Sharing ideas and experiences to other similar working groups world wide to promote beneficial AI for children.

Working Group Members:
Yi Zeng
Fei Li
Liheng Zhou
Yuncheng Xu
Jianchao Wang
Shi Zhang
Taiwen Huo
Helen Meng
JeongHyun Lee
Brian Tse
Jingfang Hao
Yafeng Deng
Ken Lin
Yanqiu Wang
Jan Hauters
Director for the Research Center on AI Ethics and Sustainable Development
Vice President
Vice Director for AI Ecology
Dean of Research Institute of AI Governance
Director of AILab
Chair Professor
Research Fellow
Policy Scholar
Vice President
Senior Strategy Analyst, SLG
Senior Product Manager, ACG

Welcome to join us. Contact:

Wenying Su, UNICEF China

Related Works and Efforts:
1. UNICEF Policy Guidance on AI for Children 2. Artificial Intelligence for Children: Beijing Principles 3. Generation AI (UNICEF & WEF) 4. Memorandum on Artificial Intelligence and Child Rights